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Fri 28th Feb 2020
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West Malling crime on 26th September 2019 involving 2 lads...

These two scumbags assaulted a local lady by throwing water over her just after she had walked past them as they were sitting outside NatWest drinking a glass of water..

Instead of apologising, they simply both denied doing anything.

Suspicions were then raised as to why two lads who had been seen causing a bit of trouble at the Railway Station, (as told to my friends by a lady who'd seen them), would be riding TWO bikes each up the hill towards the High Street.

Police have been informed and been supplied with photos and videos.

If you had your bike stolen from the station on Thursday 26th September 2019, they might be the ones that took it.

A video of the more abusive fat boy is on YouTube here:

Here's a photo of both of them outside NatWest:

Bike thieves?

Here's a photo of the 4 bikes outside NatWest:

Stolen bikes?

I'm sure their parents will be very proud of them.

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